Parenting Made Easy…

Written by Scott

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Daddy and Maddie

Social media is funny sometimes. Not funny ha-ha so much, but funny weird, as Joshie would say (he stole that bit from Backyardigans).

Anyway…on Empire Avenue, in my index (I’m currently President of the “Family and Children” index) mentioned a webinar of some sort that he was doing by the title of Parenting Made Easy.

I laughed. This phrase should solicit the same sort of reaction to someone saying “I’m from the government and I’m here to help”.

The TRUTH is that there is no such thing. Good parenting is work, often very hard work. And for people to continue to perpetuate some myth of blissful, simple, easy parenting is not just plain silly (and laughable)…it’s hurtful because parents do, at some point, struggle.  The only easy parenting is the kind that some do, when they hand over the care of their children to someone else…

So let’s be real, shall we? Call parenting what it is: hard…but incredibly, unbelievably rewarding.

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