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Finally…a request to review something that is a little different and a company that made it not only easy to work with, but pleasant!

Was contacted a few weeks ago by Easy Canvas Prints to see if I was interested in reviewing their product.  I checked out the website (very easy to navigate, as an aside), and jumped at the chance. And as I mentioned, the contact made it easy.

I chose this picture to use, because I really like it and it fits into a redecorating theme Mika wants to do in her room (as with all, click to enlarge):


Here’s one caveat: the original image is only 597kb. Not a super-high resolution pic at all.

The process on the site could not be any easier: choose a size, upload a pic, select border options, select effects (if any). Each step of the way, you get to see the actual image as it would appear on your canvas (especially important when selecting the border options and effects).  For the review, I chose an 8×10 size with 1.5″ gallery wrap.

But the real question: how did it turn out?

Better than I would have imagined. Seriously.

Mika print front

Mika print front

The resolution on the canvas is fantastic, despite the small file size. It looks great! And most importantly, Mika loved it.

Great idea, great product! Check them out at Easy Canvas Prints!

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  1. Leslie says:

    I used them back in May to purchase a gift for a friend. I think we got an 18×24 and received an 8×10 for free.

    They provided a superior product in my opinion and I received my order within a week.

  2. Thx for the review – thinking of accepting their offer to review and this is great feedback