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Not A Mommy Blogger

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Got an email this afternoon from someone at Kaplow PR  in New York, on behalf of foursquare. That isn’t so odd itself, since I’ve been getting a lot of PR emails the past 6 months or so…

But this one was funny. Here’s the bulk of the email, minus the nice formatting. The bolded parts are my emphasis.

Hi Scott,

I represent foursquare, the mobile tool that helps you find fun things to do in your city.

On July 26th, we’re going to have a fun, interactive walking tour where we’d love to meet you and show you how foursquare can help busy moms find fun things to do with their kids.

Using foursquare, we’ll take you on a brief stroll through Tribeca, making stops at the local kid-friendly favorites, finding deals and Specials along the way. Here are the key details:
Who: The folks at foursquare and a handful of mommy media mavens like yourself
When: Tuesday, July 26th @ 5pm
Where: We’ll meet at Color Me Mine (116 Franklin st)
Why: Your readers can take advantage of foursquare in order to find out where to go with their kids and when. (Plus, we want to get to know you better!)

Here’s my response (minus the emailer’s name). The parenthetical is not part of the email, but me explaining):

Well….we have an issue, Ms. [G……]. Two issues, actually. 😉

The first is this, as you wrote: “…and a handful of mommy media mavens like yourself”. As I’ve had to tell Disney PR folks before, I am not a mommy, nor a mommy blogger. I have boy parts.

The second issue is nearly as difficult: I’m on the other side of the country, in WA State. (Tribeca is in New York)

Please note that neither of these is a deal-breaker in and of themselves, and if foursquare and/or Kaplow was willing to cover travel arrangements and expenses, I’d be open to it.

Awaiting response.

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