Day One Impressions…

Written by Scott

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The Boys from China

We brought the boys home last night, so we’ve now had them for a day.

Here are some observations:

  • Some things are universal (and no, not talking healthcare here, folks). Some words, some facial expressions..but also things like 12 year-old boys are pretty much the same the world over. It’s that sorta clumsy, awkward stage.Kung fu is not universally taught in China, unfortunately.
  • I think communism is on its last legs in China. These boys obviously haven’t been indoctrinated correctly.
  • Even though they are twins (not identical), they are VERY different. And the one I thought I’d bond easiest with based on descriptions is not the one that I’ve bonded the easiest with. They are both good kids though, just very different personalities.
  • They are starting to loosed up more, but they definitely gravitate toward me as the father. It’s interesting.
  • Having Korean clients definitely has helped me understand their English a bit more. It’s a different accent, for sure, but being able to listen past the accent helps.

It’s been fun!

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