Me, An Entrepreneur….?

Written by Scott

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I’ve never really thought of myself as an entrepreneur before, until this week. Despite being self-employed, that term always had a negative connotation to me.

But a question was posed on Facebook that changed that:

Do you think high unemployment rates are contributing to an increase in entrepreneurship and start-ups? Answer: YES or NO or MAYBE

Simple question, really. But the answers surprised me, especially this one, which shall remain unattributed and anonymous:

No. How would that work? If someone is unemployed, they are probably tapping their savings, paying exorbitant insurance premiums, and unlikely to qualify for a small business loan.

You see, there are a massive amount of people in our society who just cannot think ‘outside the box’. Income, to them, means you work for someone…or that starting a business requires huge sums of money or a loan, which is why they never could do it.

Not much has changed since the times of sharecroppers, or lords and serfs in feudal times. So many people are stuck in their thinking, and because of that, stuck in their actions.

For that reason, I’m ok with being an entrepreneur.