Written by Scott

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Driving this morning, thinking about our housing predicament, trying not to worry.

Was listening to Fitz in the Morning on Seattle’s 100.7, where they were having listeners call or text in about what the biggest thing going on for them this weekend (in honor of Fitz getting married tomorrow). [And yes, it’s a country station…we can discuss that later.]

One text put things all in perspective: a 19-yr old having to pull the plug on his/her mother.

That is tough.

Sometimes it sounds trite, but it really is true: regardless of what you are going through (or what I am going through), there is always a worse situation, a harder situation, something more stressful.

Take a deep breath, pray about it, do what you can, and let the rest go.


Funny thing: as I finished writing this, I got an email from our landlord…

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