Not What I Signed Up For…

Written by Scott

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Referring, of course to the possibility of moving twice in one year.

Last year, when we moved, it was with the expectation of being here at least two years, since that’s what I’d negotiated the lease to be. But now that the owners have decided to look into selling their house (or, in this case, short-selling) and have canceled their contract with the property management company, that doesn’t look to be an option any longer. And even though the lease would still be enforced, they’ve said they would allow it to be broken if we found a place.

Our former property management company contacted me this week about a house nearby, and I drove by a took a quick peek of the outside. It’s a possibility, so emailed them back and said we’d like to take a look at it. Interestingly, the signage for the house and online is under a different property management company and almost $200/mo more. Good news is that the owner actually owns it free and clear, so there’d be no concerns of the house being sold from under us.

JoAnn went by yesterday and ended up talking one of the neighbors too, which went really well. Turns out he’d be the person the owner would likely contact for any issues with the house.

So we’re hopefully looking at it later today…and if we like, negotiating time-frame and money (since coming up with the funds to move at short notice is not all that easy).

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