Mr. Mom Time…

Written by Scott

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mr mom

Twice a year JoAnn goes off on a retreat that is usually 3 days and 3 nights (leaves Thursday afternoon, returns Sunday evening), leaving me to man the house, take care of the kiddos, and, of course, work.  Makes for an interesting Thursday and Friday at times…

This time has been, thus far, far easier than in recent times, due in part to the kiddos getting older.

They’ve all dealt well with having things a little more structured (though less so with school this time around, since they were working on several larger projects).

Naptime has been so easy with no arguing by Joshie. And Maddie, well, she falls asleep when she needs to.

Bedtime has been a breeze, since there is a scheduled time for all except Maddie. And for her, I’ve just kept her up a little later until she’s a little more tired, then ask if she’s ready for bed, carry her in, cuddle, and she’s out in short order without crying or fussing. First night slept without interruption, even though I was woken up to let the dog out and back in. She stirred a little, but that’s it. And last night, woke up a couple times crying for mommy, but not fully awake, and back to sleep quickly.

No problemo…

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