The Invite from Occupy Tacoma…

Written by Scott

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occupy tacoma

photo from Occupy Tacoma website

My comments about Occupy Tacoma have caught some attention. And it is true–I’ve made some assumptions about Occupy Tacoma without having visited myself, but these assumptions are completely baseless, but have been formed from the reports of the actions of other Occupy groups, as well as my personal experience counter-protesting similar groups in 2003 in the area.

But someone I respect who is involved in Occupy Tacoma has made a point that, from its inception, it was and remains committed to non-violence.

On one hand, other Occupy groups, to which Occupy Tacoma is affiliated, haven’t been…or have been co-opted by so many other groups that they no longer control what is going on…or are using said splinter groups for plausible deniability.  I don’t know. And I’m willing to admit it. All I know is that other groups have not been non-violent. But on the other hand, I have someone I do respect telling me, effectively, that Occupy Tacoma is somehow different. How or why (or even if) I do not know…

Between comments to my earlier posts, twitter, and Facebook, I’ve received multiple invitations to visit Occupy Tacoma, see things for myself, and talk to people there in person.

So, I intend to take the offers up and visit next Saturday morning. Hope to arrange a tour, meet with some folks, and just chat about Occupy Tacoma….then report back.

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