Holiday Cheer…

Written by Scott

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Christmas tree with presents

I’ve been feeling like I’m fresh out. Of holiday cheer, that is.

Last month was rough, with the less than desired moving (and an even less than desired time), with less than desired extra expenses. And while God was faithful and did provide, I also had about a 10-day period around Thanksgiving that was slower, making things even tighter.  Not exactly ideal for the period right before an overly-commercialized holiday.

Yes, I am fully aware that Christmas is not about the presents…and for me, I can accept that quite easily. But the kiddos, well, that’s a bit harder.

There will be presents. Less than normal, but more than some. Not quite my point though.

Maybe my heart is just two sizes too small. 😉



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  1. PrimulaDaisy/Zoe (@c says:

    Thanks for sharing your feelings right now. There are many people who feel the same way.

    God is good. Focus on Him. He will get you thru this. The hype is so intense it victimizes us. I'm guilty, too, of trying to do too much. Let yourself off the hook and do what you can while keeping peaceful. Cheeriness is overrated. Peace is a gift.

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