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Review: Tabanero Hot Sauce

30 January 2012


Disclaimer: I was NOT asked to do this review. I was not paid for this review. But I am COMPELLED to do this review. Background: a few weeks ago on twitter, I was followed by Tabenero. This caught my eye, because I LOVE hot sauce (see pic at end of post…we use a variety). So […]

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The Storm Ravaged…Me

22 January 2012


This past week has been a difficult one. The storm that came through the area hurt badly… The storm itself, with the snow and ice…it was fun at first. But then came the falling trees and limbs, the loss of power and heat, and being fairly stranded in our little area. Was not so much […]

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Open Letter To My Daughter…

15 January 2012


It seemed like just yesterday that you (finally) came into our loves…after torturing your mother for 78 hours. Now you are 12. You changed our lives forever…and so much for the better. I could not ask for a better, kinder, smarter, or more loving daughter. And the fact that you have my sense of humor doesn’t […]

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Sammy’s Project: The First Countries…

2 January 2012


The background of Sammy’s project is listed above under The Epic Project. He wants to start in South America, so the sovereign countries we’re looking for currencies examples from are: Argentina Bolivia Brazil Chile Colombia Ecuador Guyana Paraguay Peru Suriname Uruaguay Venezuela Can you help, or do you know of someone in one of these […]

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