Review: Tabanero Hot Sauce

Written by Scott

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Disclaimer: I was NOT asked to do this review. I was not paid for this review. But I am COMPELLED to do this review.

Background: a few weeks ago on twitter, I was followed by Tabenero. This caught my eye, because I LOVE hot sauce (see pic at end of post…we use a variety). So I checked out their website and the background of the company, asked some questions, and got quick responses, which impressed me.  It’s a new product to the States, so I started lobbying Safeway to pick it up. A few days later, they surprised me by offering to send some samples until it became locally available. I, of course, said yes.

I thought it’d be a few little sample packets, but was REALLY surprised when I received two 8-oz bottles.  And the day I received, we happened to be cooking Mexican (which we eat a lot of as it is, but especially after the storm and needing to save to replace my vehicle). So I got to try it that night…and several since.

Straight out of the bottle, you know this hot sauce is different. It’s thicker than the standard-bearer Tabasco™. Initial taste, straight from the bottle is phenomenal: simultaneously you are hit with the sweetness of the agave and the heat of the habanero. And it definitely is hot, but not overbearing.

On food, it does something totally unlike Tabasco™…it doesn’t overpower. It doesn’t have the overly-vinegar taste (actually has NO vinegar), and blends into and enhances the flavor of the food rather than spiking it with its own flavor, even with adding a lot onto the food.

I love this hot sauce. So will you.

Ask your grocer to carry it…lobby them if they are on Twitter or Facebook.

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