Sammy’s Project: The First Countries…

Written by Scott

Topics: Homeschooling, Social Media

The background of Sammy’s project is listed above under The Epic Project.

He wants to start in South America, so the sovereign countries we’re looking for currencies examples from are:


Can you help, or do you know of someone in one of these countries? Please contact me either in comments or via email at and I can pass along address, as well as make notes as to what country is being pledged.

And even though he wanted to start here, we’ll still be looking for other countries’ currency.

As we receive word from folks, I’ll strike though the countries on the list (as well as provide some sort of link to the person who responded). I’ll also get a Google Docs document up within the week to track.

  • Scott,

    I live in Colombia and can get you some currency from here. I also have an Italian 1000 lire bill you can have too. I never thought that with the Euro it might be rare… but like confederate currency of many denominations not worth the paper any longer.

    I love supporting the home school model any way I can.

    Michael Eisbrener

    • Thank you SO much! Will email you.

  • megscole64

    Do they have to live there? I have a friend from Colombia and her dad travels all over South America.

    • nope, not at all!

  • I think my father in law had currency from Peru…I'll ask my MIL to check & let you know.

    Have you ever heard of It's the BEST blogging community. Matter of fact, I've ditched all the others and concentrate only on my relationships there. Lots of support, LOTS!

    Think about it. If you do join say I referred you. Oh, and you can ck my blog too…I just won an award 🙂


    • Emailed you…thank you! And no, hadn't heard about it, but will check it out later tonight!