The Storm Ravaged…Me

Written by Scott

Topics: Family, Work

This past week has been a difficult one. The storm that came through the area hurt badly…

The storm itself, with the snow and ice…it was fun at first. But then came the falling trees and limbs, the loss of power and heat, and being fairly stranded in our little area.  Was not so much fun then, especially that night without heat, with the little ones. Thankfully we had a friend who offered to take us in, and was willing and able to come pick us up after we hiked out (in two trips, no less).

But the storm also affected us financially. Badly. The storm stopped work for most of the week, and being self-employed, means I basically lost a week out of the month. But worse was the fact that during the storm, the transmission in my car died…and will cost more to repair than the vehicle is worth (even if we did have the money). And I rely on my car for work, to get to clients.

We’re tightening things way down, but it’s going to be hard even without the whole car issue.  With it, well, not sure how we’re going to do it.



  • Mary

    I am sorry about the effects of the storm. Have been through a couple of those myself. It is through the storms of life that we find how resilient we are and sometimes the purpose of a storm is to bring us that lesson and know that we have strength and an inner survivor. Hang in there Scott.

  • Gaye Crispin

    Hi Scott, sending hugs and love 🙂

  • Wow – you never think of the ugly side of all the pretty snow – sorry to hear about your challenging week Scott – happy to help however I can ;D

  • hey Scott, sorry to hear, must have been a challenge to stay out a night without heat with your babies. Hope you'll find your way back on track soon. Love from the other side of the pond.

  • Liz

    Not having a reliable car is a terrible disadvantage. Do you know any friends with an extra clunker sitting in their garage that they can lend you? Do you belong to a church community? Sometimes, once you let your need & situation be known, someone steps forward to help.

  • Sorry to hear that Scott. Storms are rough. However it makes the good things that much better when they come round again, which they will 🙂 Greetings from Spain. As I write this we are having a thunderstorm, first rain for weeks…

  • Scott,

    One week can turn into three and then three months pass… A year ago after a long stretch of weeks I implemented this mantra.

    Whenever something doesn't work out the way I think it should or thought it would, instead of thinking that something went wrong or is wrong, I see it as something that went unexpectedly well, but for reasons that are not yet apparent.

    Read as often as needed until you have it memorized. You will smile at catastrophe!

    You are being prepared for great things.

    Michael Eisbrener

    • Thanks Michael….you are very right!