Targeted EECB to GM

Written by Scott

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Saturn VUE

almost looks like mine...almost.

EECB (Executive Email Carpet Bomb)
GM (General Motors. also, Government Motors, after receiving of TARP bailout funds and government ouster of  the its CEO). Maker of the former Saturn brand. Known for weaseling out of class-action lawsuit judgments, likely at government insistence, with government assistance.

My Vue, and its unfortunate end as part of the recent storm’s fun.

Anyway…I just sent off a limited EECB to GM, the details of which I’ll hold off posting until they have a chance to reply. But basically, under the class-action judgment  they weaseled out of, my Vue would have been covered at 75% of the cost to fix. Roughly $4500 they’d have into it. So I offered a deal. And yes, I worded much nicer than this post…just in case you were wondering.

Why? Because at this point, I have absolutely nothing to lose. The Vue is inoperable. And who knows…perhaps the relative politeness and boldness will make an impression with the CEO or one of the VPs. Worth a shot.

If it fails, may need to take up a collection and pass the plate to you…


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