Sammy’s First Project Update…

First two
With the exception of this comment and the picture, the post was written by Sammy. My questions and any comments are in italics, below. Link to the Epic Project is here.

Which coin and which bill are most interesting to you so far?  Which thing(s) make it interesting to you, and why?

The most interesting coin so far is the 1949 Spanish coin. I like it because it has a hole in the center and because it is really old, 73 years old.  The most interesting bill so far is the 2000 peso bill from Colombia.  I like it because even though it is worth 2000 pesos in Colombia, it is worth $1.14 in the US.

What is one thing you have learned about each of the countries in Q1?

The ruler of Spain in 1949 was Fransisco Franco.  He was a millitary dictator, and even though Spain was supposed to be  neutral in World War 2, they aided the Nazis in WW2.  One thing I found out about Colombia is that it is the 4th largest country in South America.

What are two countries you are most looking foward to receving from, and why?

The two countries I am eager to get currency from is the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics because they do not exist anymore, and the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia because the Great Rift Valley is located there.


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