Social Media’s a Funny Thing…

Written by Scott

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Red Bull

This week Klout launched what they call their “Squad” Pages for Brands. (Great overview on it and how very different they are from, say Facebook Pages, here).

Anyway, first one launched with Red Bull. At some point this week, it popped up on my Klout page, so added it as a Topic of Influence.

One thing led to another, and by the time I woke up the next morning, I’d jumped into the Top 10 Influencer list (from near the very bottom of the Top 100).

By the next day, had taken over the #1 spot.

Then today, was overtaken by the former #1.

It’s been an honor–and quite funny–to even make it into the Top 10. But I was starting to like the top spot.

So…if you’d be willing to spare a second, hop over to my Topics list on Klout and give me a +K in Red Bull, k? 🙂

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