Dora the Explorer is Evil…

Written by Scott

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Dora the Explorer

No, it’s not just her disproportionate-sized head, or the eyes the size of a horses’. Nor is it the fact that she is neglected by her parents and travels off on her own as a little girl (yet can’t find the obvious thing right behind her). No, there’s far more to her than all that.

The one above is a Christmas ornament. Or would that have to be Feliz Navidad ornament, since I try so hard to be politically-correct?

Anyway, Maddie likes it as a regular toy. It also seems to blend in quite nicely with certain parts of Joshie’s car rug.

Especially when stepping down into the sunken living room. Carrying my laptop in one hand, and a rock Maddie found from a walk she’d just gotten back from.

Oh, and I was barefoot.


My foot

My left foot, with Dora-inspired deep bruising on the instep.


Told you Dora was evil.

But…just like the old Tacoma house and falling down the stairs holding a baby…my laptop and the little rock were both completely protected.

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