Why My Social Media Plan Won’t Work For You…

Written by Scott

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Social Media Plan

I’ve been mulling this post over for weeks now. But yesterday, within hours of each other, two things happened:

1. I attended part of an organization’s strategy session with Brian Boyd of Media Connect Partners from NYC. Some fantastic info and thoughts into how organizations can–and should–use social media to engage their customers/clients/donors/people.

2. Later in the evening I was contacted by someone on Facebook asking about my following on Twitter, how it grew, etc.  First time that had ever happened…and it was strange not just to think about it, but to explain.

Frankly, I’ve been reluctant to ever think of myself as an “influencer”, but the reality is, I am. Not as great as some, but a lot more than others.

But…my way won’t work for you or your company. It just won’t.


Two main reasons.

First, mine came over time. I started on Twitter in July of 2007…before it became really popular. Organic follower growth takes time.

Second, and most importantly, is that I break nearly every rule that the experts talk about…some intentional, some not.

I’m not in a narrow niche. I speak about religion, I speak about politics. I don’t distinguish between work and personal. I’m quirky. I’m sometimes sarcastic and often a bit of a smart arse. And my blog? Inconsistent. Oh, and I’ve railed against Disney at different times–a definite no-no.

Here’s the thing: it’s real. It’s just me. There’s no pretense, no agenda. And I don’t mind that.

But it won’t work for you.

Or will it?

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