When Liberals Attack…

Written by Scott

Topics: Faith, Politics

Tolerant liberals

The below is a 4-screen snip of an actual Facebook post thread from Friday night.

A few points to make first:

1. I’d never interacted with this person before…not connected to him except through the particular friend that began the thread. In other words, I don’t know Todd MacIsaac  and he doesn’t know me.

2. The point I would make with this is not that these tactics are necessarily widespread or typical of those of the Left, but they are used often…just not with this level of vitriol. It also illustrates in part, how the rest of us need to firmly stand against the tactics when they do arise.

3. The tactics are fairly obvious…but leave comments as to the ones YOU observe.

4. I’ll admit: my responses weren’t the best at times. I goaded him a bit at times. But I also wasn’t about to let it just go, because he was trying to intimidate me…and that doesn’t go over well with me.

5. I initially thought about blurring his name, but decided against it…because he is an adult and is responsible for his choice of words and his attack.

So….click on each to go full-size to read (will pop out in new window/tab).  Share your thoughts afterward in the comments.

Facebook Post 1

Facebook Post 2

Facebook Post 3

Facebook Post 4