Nothing. But. Love.

Written by Scott

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Nothing But Love

We were rocked this week by the news that our oldest daughter’s really good friend had attempted to take her own life.

Initial shock and obvious concern quickly transformed to calls for prayer.

I spent a lot of time thinking about what I would say to her, certain there would be feelings of embarrassment, fear, shame…aside from the issues the friend is dealing with directly. The fact of the matter is that we all–without exception–struggle with things.

She doesn’t need to feel shame or embarrassment or fear…she needs to know all we have is: nothing. but. love.

And it looks like tomorrow afternoon my daughter and I will be able to visit her and demonstrate it.

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  1. MeganCasto says:

    I tried to end my life twice. Once when I was twelve and a couple years after. It's the most selfish act a person can commit. But when you're young the world revolves around you anyway.

  2. finchfrii says:

    My son had a close friend commit suicide earlier this year. Our local middle school has had 3 students commit suicide since June. Aside from being shocked and saddened by these tragedies, I was also shocked by how many teens have no idea how to what to do if they know a friend may be suicidal – and how many are struggling to deal with this on their own. 
    I'm glad you and your daughter are going to show your support and love for her.  I'll be keeping her and her family in my prayers.