A Sacrificial Christmas…

Written by Scott

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We just finished talking with the kids. One of those that’s been a long time coming, as JoAnn and I have, over the years, talked about and worked toward making Christmas more about, well, Christmas.

JoAnn had read a blog earlier in the day that triggered this latest step, called When Christmas Gets Radical: Whose Birthday Is It Really? It’s an amazing read.

The blogger’s idea IS radical. They don’t do presents within their family, but instead use that time, energy, and money to buy the things for those in need, for Jesus…serving others.

To us, the idea rang truer to what Christmas should be rather than the traditional American way.

And so it begins for us.

Not to that extent, as we’ll be doing a present for each of them, plus stockings, plus our family tradition of Christmas Eve pajamas…but we’re embarking on this as our journey.  To keep Christmas.


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  1. MeganCasto says:

    Amen. 🙂 I've been trying to explain to Marshal that we only give presents because God gave us Jesus and people brought gifts to Jesus. A little hard for a three year old. But my favorite part of Christmas is getting tags off the Giving Tree. Can't wait for Marshal to be a little older and help me shop for them. =D