Find Blue Bunny!

Written by Scott

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I originally wrote about this in 2009 here.

When my oldest daughter was a baby, she had this blue bunny. She LOVED it, and it went everywhere with her. Until one day, out and about, she lost it.

Blue Bunny 1

Blue Bunny 2

She still remembers it, and still talks about it. I’ve looked on and off for several years for it, trying to identify it. So far, have come up empty.

In 4.5 weeks she turns 13. And there’s nothing more special that I could do for her than to track down and find one. 

But I need your help. The more people that see this, the more chance we have of identifying (and hopefully finding).

So please…spread the word. See those ‘Sharing is Caring’ buttons at the bottom below this post? Use them to spread this post around Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, G+….wherever you are. Ask those you are connected to to spread the post as well.

And for those readers who think they might have an idea, please leave a comment or email me at scotters (at)

Thanks so much!

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  1. DougWolfgram says:

    Cut out the image and drag and drop it onto Google Image search. You might find one that way,

  2. TheAustinBriggs says:

    Hope you find it. Would be such a wonderful present if you do!

  3. kelly_cookson says:

    this is one place I found one that looks like it:…
    good luck!

  4. Studentinlife says:

    I know she wants the Blue Bunny. A good way to celebrate this would be to get some Blue Bunny brand ice cream in her favorite flavor. Available at Walmarts and other stores the last time I checked >&nbsp ; Good luck and happy Christmas.