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She’s a Teenager?!

15 January 2013


Today is the big day…Mikaela turns 13. I wanted to share the letter I wrote her for this day, below.   Mika, You are at a truly important point in your life as you cross this threshold from child to teenager and down the road toward adulthood. But we are not guaranteed tomorrow, so today […]

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Kindle Wireless Issues…and Solution

13 January 2013

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We bought our first Kindle (a Kindle Touch) for my oldest daughter for her birthday last year. We then got two others (the basic Kindle) for JoAnn and Sammy for school. We’ve had all kinds of issues with wireless on, now, all of them. The Touch was even replaced, and over a couple different times, […]

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A New Year…A Time for Change

1 January 2013

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  2013 is now here. A year with promise. A year of possibilities. But will it be a year of change? And no, I don’t mean something about New Year’s resolutions or empty political slogans…I mean real change. Because we need it. We need it personally, and we certainly need it socially. Later this month […]

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