A New Year…A Time for Change

Written by Scott

Topics: archives, Family, Food

New Year Scrabble


2013 is now here. A year with promise. A year of possibilities.

But will it be a year of change? And no, I don’t mean something about New Year’s resolutions or empty political slogans…I mean real change.

Because we need it. We need it personally, and we certainly need it socially.

Later this month I’ll be launching a new site to address two epidemics in this country. Those epidemics are fatherlessness (the absence of a father’s influence in the lives of his children) and health. I’ll be going far more into depth on each, and while I’ll initially be sharing from a personal perspective, I hope to use it as a platform to encourage other fathers to engage in both areas…for our children. And the domain name is kinda catchy once I explain it (and a bit ironic)…but I’m not quite ready to release it. But trust me.

As part of the site, and the first of my personal goals, I’m starting a 40-day challenge (inspired in part by Slim Gillian at The Next Forty Days) of giving up meat. No, I’m not saying meat is necessarily bad, but on the new site one of the discussions we’ll be having is the change in the quality and makeup of our meat supply today vs what it’s been in the past, and how that has affected our health. I’m also not doing this lightly…I’m from Montana…we’re meat eaters. It will be difficult.  But it will be worth it.

Will 2013 be a year for real, lasting change for you? I challenge you to seriously consider it. And watch here for the announcement of the new site in the coming weeks, and join me in being a more engaged, healthier father.