Whole Fruit Sorbet Review…

Written by Scott

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Whole Fruit Sorbet

This review is overdue, but for relatively good reasons.

First, it arrived in our busiest time of the year–right after Christmas–when we’re inundated with not only New Years’ stuff, but birthdays upon birthdays in the family that don’t stop until, well, early March.  Like I wrote, relatively good reasons.

But there’s another, more unexpected reason: I started with Raspberry.

This may have been my undoing.

I love raspberry. But I didn’t expect THAT much raspberry. It was AMAZING. To the point, for me, that the flavor was overwhelming, and I could only eat like three spoonfuls at a time. Which isn’t such a bad thing for portion control, but not so much for review purposes.

Thankfully, my sweet 13 year-old daughter helped me out. She’s a real trooper. She also loved it.

Then we moved onto Black Cherry. Awesome. And the chunks of cherry were delicious! By that time, my 3 year old daughter also discovered our treat, and between the two of them, it was gone rather quickly.

Then came Lemon. Oh my…it was perfection. Not too sweet, not too tart…and totally lemon. Loved it.

Actually, love it…still working on it. And then the others. But for the sake of getting the review out before, say, Thanksgiving, wanted to get at least an initial review posted.

Here’s what I love about Whole Fruit Sorbet:

1. It’s REAL. None of these ingredients that require a graduate degree in chemistry to understand. And despite hwat the FDA might try to convince us of, real is always superior to processed. Always.

2. It’s uber-flavorful. Seriously. With these sorbets, there’s no guessing what fruit or flavor it might possibly be…you know without a doubt.

3. It’s not grainy like other sorbets I’ve had…it was smooth, almost to the point of being like ice cream. But without the cream, of course, and the calories and fat that go along with it.

4. The kids loved it!

5. REAL pints. None of this current trend of slowly reducing container size while maintaining price. Y’all have noticed that, right?

6. Almost a side note, but wanted to include: the marketing group that they used (Modus Marketing Group) shockingly exceeded all expectations. The shipment arrived REALLY fast, almost unexpectedly so. And now that I went back to the original email and re-read, I was expecting small sample sizes…but was sent complete pints. That totally rocket!

So as springtime here in the northern hemisphere begins to bring warmer weather, remember these amazingly tasty treats! Or, for the impatient and those in the southern hemisphere…go now and pick some up!

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