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Schindler’s List and the Evil of Man…

26 March 2013


We watched Schindler’s List tonight, since the older kids are studying the 40s and WW2. Still unsettled, especially in light of it being both Passover and Passion Week. Disgusted at how inhuman we can be, and how easily it can come to us. Disgusted that there are Holocaust deniers. Disgusted by those who would want […]

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…And Thanks for All The Fish!

8 March 2013

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Yesterday was my birthday. As many of you know, I spent most of the day driving to MT for my uncle’s funeral. Which, needless to say, wasn’t exactly the plan we had for my birthday. But life has its twists and turns. Facebook is pretty amazing…got something like 125 birthday greetings from people., which was […]

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