Schindler’s List and the Evil of Man…

Written by Scott

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We watched Schindler’s List tonight, since the older kids are studying the 40s and WW2.

Still unsettled, especially in light of it being both Passover and Passion Week.

Disgusted at how inhuman we can be, and how easily it can come to us.

Disgusted that there are Holocaust deniers.

Disgusted by those who would want to believe it couldn’t happen today…when it was only 70-odd years ago that it did, in fact, happen.

But hopeful, because in the midst of that kind of darkness, there are still those that risk everything to do the right thing.

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  1. Vicky Hunt says:

    The movie is an excellent choice on the topic, but it was difficult to watch in moments, as with anything of this subject matter. I still find it so hard to think about human beings treating other human beings in such an inhumane manner. Have you read The Boy in the Striped Pajamas?" It's an ironically well done story set in that situation, fictionally.