A Little Feature of Copy’s Online Backup and Sharing…

Written by Scott

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If you haven’t heard of Copy from Barracuda Networks yet, well, you have now.

They offer an alternative to Dropbox and Box.com for online storage and file sharing…with some important differences:

1. More secure.
2. No size limits on files.
3. 15GB FREE…where others services limit you to 2GB or something much lower.
4. It’s from Barracuda Networks, not some company nobody’s ever heard of…they’ve been around a LONG time in enterprise security.

But there’s more. Oh, yes.

With this link, you can get another 5GB free.  So sign up now.

And a little tip once installed–was an answer to a question I sent Copy’s support. Copy creates a folder called “Copy” in the location of your choosing. But what if you don’t want to have to move other folders or files into that folder? Simple: within that Copy folder, create a shortcut to the folder or file you would want backed up…it will then follow that path and back it up. For instance, I’m using to have an automated backup of Documents and Pictures, primarily. So within the Copy folder, I created shortcuts to those folders.

If any questions on how to do that, please feel free to email or comment below.

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