Review: Jack Reacher

Written by Scott

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Jack Reacher


Before we begin, I have a confession. You see, I’m not a Tom Cruise fan. I’ve never really found his acting all that stellar, not even way back when with Top Gun.

So that leaves me in a bit of a quandary…because I really liked the movie. And frankly, I think it might have been my favorite Cruise performance.

In the movie, he plays the main character, an Army vet (who was a military cop and investigator) with a bit of a reputation. He’s brilliant, he’s deadly, and after having dropped off the grid completely for a couple years, he’s mysterious. It’s a great combination.

In the opening of the movie, shot almost in silence, we see a shooter drive to a parking garage, assemble his rifle,and takes out 5 seemingly random people blocks away. The police quickly gather evidence, and apprehend their suspect in short order. The suspect, later brutally assaulted by inmates as he is transported, is hospitalized and unable to speak, but manages to scribble “Get Jack Reaper” on a notepad.

Only nobody knows how to reach him. At all.

He shows up on his own though, becoming, in short order, the defense’s investigator. Also in short order we begin seeing how things aren’t how they appear…how something’s not quite right.

Lots of action in the movie, including a scene where he does some incredibly painful, Steven Seagal-type moves…

Plus…and you can’t beat this: Robert Duvall, at 81 years young, as a former Marine Corp Gunnery Sergeant. I would’ve watched just to see him.

Plenty of action, plenty of plot twists…but again, it leaves me conflicted…because I liked the movie a lot…but it had Cruise in it…and I liked his performance.

As an aside…the female lead (Rosamund Pike) reminded me WAY too much of Kelly McGillis from Top Gun….but with a Mercedes instead of a horse. Not important to the movie, though… 😉


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