Facebook Passive-Aggressive Archetype…?

Written by Scott

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passive aggressive

Today I received a rather interesting Facebook message. Earlier in the day I’d posted  a link to an article that this particular person had quite strongly reacted to in opposition…which is fine. It’s the how it was done that was the issue–very harsh, rough, condescending, overly sarcastic, and frankly more of an ad hominem attack on the source of the article than the substance. And it’s not the first time that kind of reaction happened with this particular person, so I changed the settings of the post to exclude that individual and those responses.

And that did not go over well.

I first got this message:

Was I really blocked from commenting any further on your post?

And prompted ignored it. 45 minutes later, after not responding to it, I got this treasure:

Scott, I wanted to let you know why I am removing you as a “friend”. It has little to do with being actual friends and more to do with the idea that I have never gotten the inkling that you have any desire for friendship. You never comment on or like anything I post, despite my attempts at liking yours or supporting you when I am on your side on an issue. You have always given me the “back off” kind of stature ever since I first met you.

I’ll let y’all analyze that in the comments.  But as for my ‘stature’ (I think perhaps ‘stance’ was meant)…it’s true. I wholeheartedly agree that I have, in fact, given such a vibe. But why, especially since it’s not a part of who I normally am?

Anyhow, I don’t wish to part with anger or turmoil, but simply to recognize the utter lack of basis for genuine, healthy relationship. If I’ve been too abrasive when I do challenge your posts, please forgive me.

Oooh…so very close. What if…for the sake of discussion…that acknowledged abrasiveness wasn’t just limited to responses to Facebook posts?

As for the first part about ‘utter lack of basis for genuine, healthy relationship’, I’m sorry, but Facebook isn’t how I would ever judge or evaluate a relationship.  It can certainly help develop relationship, and it certainly can amplify certain aspects of a personality, but it’s just a method of communicating. It’s certainly no foundation.

I haven’t responded. How would you…with some measure of grace?


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