Leadership: Setting the Tone

Written by Scott

Topics: archives, Work


Thinking a lot about leadership this morning, and not in the strange, over-generalized, esoteric way it often is discussed.

One of the many benefits of my business is working with lots of other businesses—be it former employers, clients, other consultants, or third-party vendors. Add to that some of the amazing social media contacts I’ve had over the years, and I’ve seen dozens of examples of both good and bad leadership.

And it never ceases to amaze me how instrumental the choices of the leadership can be and how those choices set the tone for the organization.

I’ve seen organizations reorganize staff (especially because of this economy), including key staff members, without really missing a beat at all…because of leadership.

I’ve also seen a company stumble greatly and go out of business as key staff people left in fairly rapid succession…because of leadership.

I’ve seen transitions of staff handled really well…and really, really poorly…because of leadership.

I’ve seen organizations transformed and re-energized by new leadership, and have seen others crippled by paranoia and by the unknown because of new leadership.

It’s a fascinating thing to observe and study.

So what are the keys of leadership? What do you see?