The Unexpected Key to a Long Marriage…

Written by Scott

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So we just celebrated our 16th anniversary, where the traditional gifts are a red Vita-mix and a new cell phone.

Had a ton of people asking what the key is for staying married for a long time. And by a ton I mean they all meant to ask but didn’t, and had they asked, not sure I would have been able to answer on the spot like that (because I’d have to think fast and be witty and all that, which is so totally unlike me). Besides, is 16 years really that long? I mean, my grandparents had 65 years before grandpa passed…

Anyway, I did think about it and thought I’d preemptively share the answer, so that y’all don’t feel embarrassed asking, and so that I don’t get in trouble making up an answer on the spot.

You’ve undoubtedly read or heard answers like love, forgiveness, communication…but the real answer you won’t expect. Not that those other things aren’t important–they are. But they are all things that need power. And that power comes from this:


That’s right: stubbornness.

Any questions?

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  1. Susan says:

    When asked, “What’s the secret of a long marriage”, George Harrison’s wife, Olivia replied, “Don’t get divorced”.
    That’s definitely a good start.
    Congratulations on 16 years. Keep it up!