Help Fund…Me…

Written by Scott

Topics: Family


For those not connected on Facebook (or in more real life), my grandma passed away Thanksgiving morning.

The funeral is Tuesday afternoon, and while the timing is never ideal for these sorts of things, it’s especially not ideal right now.

You see, at the beginning of November, I chose to terminate the contract of what was at that time my largest client. Wasn’t an easy decision, but after consulting several trusted people (including an attorney), I felt a necessary decision. But…it also means a sudden loss of revenue of around $1500 per month. That’s huge.

Days before that decision, we signed the lease to our new place…and after the long-time ongoing issues at the current house, we’re thrilled. But it was slightly higher rent. And moving expenses. Oh, and we have to get a washer and dryer.

And the holidays…

But I need to get back to Montana for the funeral and working on the planning aspect of that and rescheduling work  from the first part of the week.

Truthfully, though…I could use some help. And yes, I mean financially.  Here’s a couple of ways:

1. If you’d like to donate…any amount will help. Seriously. Any.

If any issues with button, click here…direct link.

2. If you plan on shopping for the holidays (or in general) from Amazon, use the link below…it’s to a random product (in this case, a red Kitchenaid), but uses my Amazon Associates code in it, and I get a small advertising fee for most items purchased (without affecting your price). Just click it and do your shopping…that’s it. Shop again, use again…
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