God: Yeah, About That…

Written by Scott

Topics: Faith, Family

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Note: you’ll want to read/review the previous post to understand some of this (opens in new window). Trust me.

At about 2am that next morning, I was awakened, and this time it wasn’t even the dog needing to go outside. It may have been the storm blowing things all around, but when I went into the living room to try to go back to sleep, I couldn’t. And my thoughts were all on this stirring of my heart. The awakening wasn’t the storm. It was God.

So I prayed. Turned out to be for a couple of hours, though seemed like a few minutes (and no I hadn’t fallen asleep). During that time I wrestled with the doubts, with my limitations, with the insecurities, with all the reasons we couldn’t…and through that He not only encouraged, but expanded my vision, including something I totally hadn’t expected…a website and a domain name that not only fits perfectly and was available, but gives a platform for this expanded vision. Details as things come into being. (Also, was the only domain name during the praying,  and the only one looked at..and frankly was shocked it was available, though I really shouldn’t have been).

Do I have all the answers and know all of what’s going to happen and when? Nope. Nor do I need to. I do, however, have faith and a desire…and that’s enough.

The next post will discuss some of the thoughts and Scripture behind the vision.