Because Someone Cared…

Written by Scott

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Angelina is seven years old and barely weighs fifteen pounds.

Nelima is thirty years old and has watched AIDS claim all five of her children. She has no one to talk to, no one to laugh with, no one whose shoulder she can cry on, so she turns to alcohol to ease her pain.

Her name is Josephine, and at one year old she could not hold up her head or roll over. She had no teeth and was about the size of a two month old.

These are just three examples of stories from Kisses from Katie. Three heartbreaking stories.

Three heartbreaking stories out of millions across the world.

Three heartbreaking stories that didn’t stop there. Because someone cared.

Someone cared enough to go, to respond, to love…

Isn’t that what we’re called to do?  Go. Look after widows and orphans. Love as we’ve been loved…

After all, how is it that all people will know we are His disciples? If we have love for one another.

I believe our family is being called to missions, as I’ve written about starting here (and forward).  It’s also why Send Our Family is being developed…to not just share our adventures, but also provide information about opportunities for families to do missions together. (The site is live, but raw. It will be in development the next couple months.)

But we can’t do it alone…nor would we want to.

My first opportunity has already presented itself: the YWAM base in Baja needs some help, and I’ve agreed to go help them, and while there, gather more info about what they do and how they do it, since they are one ministry that does specifically seek families to serve.

To go, I need to raise some funds (link is to the GoFundMe page for this with more information). Would you help?

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