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More than two weeks have passed since I wrote the last post about missions. I’d intended to write the follow-up within days of that post, but then the flu made its rounds through most of our family, one at a time. But the other part of the delay, plain and simple, was fear. And coincidentally, the reading from Kisses from Katie last was about that very thing. Here’s a selection:

“You are to find me in the least of these.” Yes.

“You are to leave your earthly possessions and come follow me.” Yes.

“You are to love and serve the Lord God with all your heart and love your neighbor as yourself.” Yes.

“You are to go and make disciples of all nations.” Yes.

“You are to entertain strangers and leapers and tax collectors.” Yes.

“You are to show mercy.” Yes.

“You are to live a life of mediocrity and abundance, holding on tight to your comfortable lifestyle, lest you lose it.” No.

I don’t think so. “Mediocrity and abundance” aren’t there. However, mediocrity and abundance, comfort and ease, do seem to be safe choices for many people, myself included. In stark contrast, leaving our possessions, following Jesus when we don’t have a well-defined plan, and entertaining strangers—well, that does sound a little scary. But what if, just beyond that risk, just beyond the fear is a life better than anything we have ever imagined: life to the fullest.

My fear? Well, that night of prayer that I’d written about? Change….major change. Stepping out of my own comfort zone. And what will people think? Oh, and asking for help. But in that last post I did mention I’d write about how you could help. Because you can. (Matter of fact, one of the needs has already been filled…a logo for the site is being designed!) The list (in no particular order):

  • Prayer: both for the development of the new site and for our family
  • WordPress design help
  • Know of ministries that provide opportunities for entire families? Email me so I can contact them and get info together!
  • Financial support: there will be costs involved in getting the site up, as well as raising funds for our family’s opportunities as they come.  Initially, this will be under my own PayPal account, but want to get under a 501c3’s umbrella in short order and/or eventually create a 501c3 for this, both for allowing charitable tax deductions but also for accountability.




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