Rhyme to Read (and Giveaway!)

Written by Scott

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Rhyme to Read

I originally received an email from the co-author of the reading app Rhyme to Read in April about the possibility of reviewing. It sounded like a great program, but is current available for iPad only, to which I am deathly allergic and morally opposed. (Did you note the sarcastic font and accompanying reverb when reading that last part? Fantastic.)

So while I couldn’t review the app itself, Lynn and I had some very pleasant back and forth emails, and I decided that what I could do is intro the app to you all and host a giveaway. And I am.

See the below to learn more about Rhyme to Read and enter to win. Any question? Enter into comments and we’ll have Lynn answer! (Be patient…may take a few seconds for the giveaway to load up…)

And if by chance you’re like me and aren’t a Mac addict (hehehe), then visit the pages below to learn more.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rhymetoread
Web: www.rhymetoread.com