The Mexico Trip: Debriefing

Written by Scott

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It’s been a struggle to write this. Initially, it was because I’d returned to regular life that was going at full speed…family needs, client needs, recovering from the cash flow conundrum…but even after getting back into the flow of things, I had trouble putting it to words.

Then I read this post, Is Jesus a Liar?  (Yeah, you should check it out…will open in new window….read, then return)

I realized I’d been looking at it wrong. I was being selfish in how I was evaluating the trip, and it wasn’t about me or my feelings at all.

So let’s debrief with the right perspective, shall we?

First, because some missed the posts and fundraising, let’s start at the beginning.
Why did I go?

It started here:
Then here:
And…then here:
And more:

The purpose of the trip was two-fold: to go and help them with some technical issues they had, and secondly, to gain perspective of the organization that seeks whole-family participation. To that end, the mission was a success. I helped with their issues, resolved some, discovered many more, and encouraged them to take a step back and plan to accommodate future expansion and provide the stability needed in their network.

I also discovered there is a real need for this kind of support, and will be reaching out to some folks in churches for ideas on other missions organizations that would fit the mold as well to see where God leads next.

As an organization, Homes of Hope (and its parent organization, Youth with a Mission) is phenomenal is what it does, how it does, and why it does it.  No debt. No salaries…everyone from the top to the bottom raises their own funds. And the Baja campus is beautiful and growing. I’ll have more details when posting to Send Our Family soon (which will be officially launched this week). It’s an impressive organization that more people should get involved in.

Questions? Post in comments and I’ll answer…

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