Fall (and Fall Food!) is Here…

Written by Scott

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LTD Commodities Fall

LTD Commodities is kicking off their fall campaign with some great tips!

4 Simple Ways to Refresh Your Bedroom for Fall
4 Fall Weekend Activities You Forgot About

LTD also has fantastic products to help gear up for fall, and they sent some samples!

The Pioneer Woman Year of Holidays Cookbook
The Harvest Table Cookbook
The Sweet Book of Candy Making Cookbook
Batter Dispenser
Onion and Pepper Corer Set

Yes, it was an eclectic set. But here’s the thing, and it’s a bit of a confession…I didn’t look much at the list after I read ‘Pioneer Woman’. You see, we love Ree and followed her blog WAY before she hit it big. I KNEW this cookbook wouldn’t disappoint. It was kinda funny to, that throughout the book are little pictures and comments about Marlboro Man…and of course, pictures of the process of creating her delectable delights!

And it didn’t disappoint. But was also surprised by The Harvest Table Cookbook…many of the recipes reminded me of some of the old-fashioned kinds, as did the look and feel of the book…and how can you go wrong with a candy cookbook? [As an aside, looking through the Harvest Table Cookbook, these are recipes submitted, and many of them note being passed down generations, so I was right!]

The kids were really interested, so I did something a little different, and asked each of them to choose something out of each book that they’d want to try! (To recap readers, my kids are now 14.5 (F), 12.5 (M), 7 (M), and 5 (F), and to simplify (?) things, I’ll refer to them respectively as: M1, S, J, and M2)

Pioneer Woman:
M1: Marshmallow Pops
S: Chipotle Chicken Chili (this one caught my eye as well…it will be made this winter!)
J: Buffalo Chicken Bites
M2: Chocolate-Covered Cherry Smoothie

Harvest Table:
M1: Mom’s Orange Bow Knots
S: Coffee Crumb Cake
J: Curried Chicken Party Rolls (7 year olds are strange…but we also recently has some chicken curry, so he may have been tainted…)
M2: Halloween Poke Cake (no surprise there, with Halloween only days away)

Candy Making:
M1: Chocolate-Covered Cherries
S: Very Vanilla Marshmallows
J: Dark Chocolate Marshmallows
M2: Custom Molds (it’s a how-to in making custom candy molds from cornstarch…what can I say…she’s 5).

Naturally, I disregarded their ideas, took stock of what we had on hand, and made the Autumn Pumpkin Bars from the Harvest Table cookbook. Sort of. You see, we had a large can of pumpkin…a little over 50% more than the recipe called for, so I approximated the other ingredients, almost had a catastrophe because the bowl I chose to mix in was JUST barely big enough (putting in the beaters almost overflowed it!).



2014-10-29 19.46.43


And yes, I DID bake bars in a round pan…like I wrote, it’s art, not science.

Regardless of the shape, the kids loved it, and I thought they were really good.

Definitely check out those cookbooks and the other items LTD Commodities has available!

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