Imagine if Facebook did this…

Written by Scott

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Think about Facebook for a minute…in Q4 of 2013, Facebook ad revenue totaled over $2.3 billion. The company made a LOT of money.  []

They made that money off of you, and off your content. Imagine, especially, if you posted something that went viral…then they made a ton of money off you, and you made nothing from them.

What is, instead of taking all of the ad revenue, they split it with those who contributed to that revenue? They won’t, of course…but that’s exactly what their new competitor Tsu (as in Tsunami) does. And it is growing rapidly…and could change the landscape of social media.

Tsu does take some of the revenue, but only 10%. The other 90% is–nightly–split among its users based on their level of activity.

So take the plunge, and let social media pay you…join me!


More info about Tsu at Zdnet here.

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  1. Brian Elli says:

    Thanks for the "Tsunami." It is a great idea, but people are so addicted to Facebook, I wonder if even being paid by Tsunami will make a difference. Facebook seems to be embedded in our modern culture, it will be hard to get them to leave. I will check out Tsunami though.Thanks.