We are in Love with Les Misérables…

Written by Scott

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les miserables

We bought the 2012 movie adaptation of Les Mis from Amazon Instant about a week and a half ago after finally giving in to our oldest daughter’s near begging.

I’d read as a kid, but was not at all prepared for the movie.

How much did we like it? Let’s just say we’ve seen fully twice during that time, I bought the soundtrack, and almost everyone in the house has been singing songs from it ever since. And I’ve had discussions with the older two comparing and contrasting Javert and Jean Valjean.  And we want to do a flash mob to sing “Do You Hear The People Sing?” sometime.

Favorite parts from the family
JoAnn: I loved the costuming and music.
M: Does all of it count?
S: The music’s pretty nice.
J: The songs
M: I like the song “One Day More”

And I have a renewed respect for Hugh Jackman (who was extraordinary), a newfound respect for Anne Hathaway (who I was absolutely blown away by), and pleasantly surprised by Russell Crowe.

There is so, so much depth and symbolism in the story…and so many different themes in it: compassion, redemption, social injustice, politics, the fight for freedom, and the Christian faith.

Have you seen? What was your favorite part(s)?


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  1. April says:

    Yes! Thought provoking movie! Loved it. This makes me want to see it again.

    • scott_kuhn says:

      considering everyone in the family has been singing it, or quoting it….we'll be watching again soon too!