The Fast Metabolism Diet (Review)

Written by Scott

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On occasion something comes along that is either extremely amazing or overly underwhelming, and a review is in order even if it isn’t a solicited or arranged one. This is definitely one of those times.

My wife discovered this a little over two months ago, and was impressed not so much by the weight loss claims, but the information and background of it…particularly Haylie Pomroy’s background. It just…made sense. We talked about it, and decided to give it a shot.

We’re now past our second month, and have lost over a combined 50 lbs. And frankly, I’m eating WAY more than before.

It works.

And I know that for me, personally, the changing metabolism was a big part of my gain. From teenage days to late 20s, I was scrawny and could eat anything and everything. The Navy didn’t change that very much, aside from adding about 10 lbs of muscle. Then along came marriage, kids, too much coffee, energy drinks, and processed foods…and BAM. (But it really wasn’t a BAM at all…just seemed like it. The gain was very gradual.)

But FMD changes that. You’re eating specific food groupings during different parts of the week to ‘reset’ metabolism, and you’re eating REAL food, and quite frankly, a LOT of it. The first week was difficult not only adjusting to the amount and frequency of food, but removing caffeine* and sugar. The results, though, made it all worth it.

And after the first 28 days, depending on your goals, it doesn’t have to be as strict. For example, we’ve since planned a dinner-out date after each cycle to get away for a short time and celebrate.  And I occasionally have a coffee…and just yesterday also had a small McFlurry. So it’s not a big ‘deny everything’ diet.

Interesting side note: one of the odd things about the diet is that it is such a  switch to good, non-processed foods that smells and interests change. Certain fast food smells, for example, that used to be enticing are now not so much, and in some cases almost revolting. And even yesterday’s small McFlurry was really not all that good, so it won’t be repeated any time soon.


*I was a little off-plan for the first few days and occasionally since: I took Excedrin to help ease the initial caffeine withdrawals, and for occasional headaches since.


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