The Syrian Refugee Issue: Bring Them In…

Written by Scott

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Some have thought my previous post (Equivocating the Syrian Refugee Issue…) was a rejection of the refugees. But it wasn’t.

What it was is this: a criticism of the way pundits are equivocating the issue (thus the title…follow along). As I wrote, this crisis is unlike any other we’ve had. I think the closest comparison would be the Mariel boatlift from Cuba, where it was eventually discovered Castro was sending violent prisoners and psychiatric patients amidst the refugees.

The answer, I think, is in this:

eternal vigilance

You see, we can’t have liberty without vigilance. And there’s no need for vigilance where there is complete safety.

So while there may very well be ISIS members that have infiltrated the refugees, I think we need to test the vetting process (check out more about the involved process from an immigration attorney here) and admit the refugees. Allow them to experience the blessings of freedom.

But be vigilant, collectively and personally.

Yes, ISIS has made claims that they have infiltrated the refugees. But they’ve also claimed to have 70-some agents already here. They intend to wage their style of war here, and I believe them. But do we, as Americans, condemn the innocent (refugee or otherwise) because of that, or do we continue on, in liberty, but with vigilance?

In the end, there’s only one choice.


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