Open Letter to the Carrie Fisher Body-Shamers…

Written by Scott

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Carrie Fisher

Saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens tonight for my oldest son’s birthday…so much better than I expected.

But after having read articles about some of the body-shaming comments toward Carrie Fisher, I have some of my own comments for (and about) these people.

First, were you even watching the same movie? I thought she looked fantastic. You do realize she is 59 now, right?

And second, did you also criticize Harrison Ford or Mark Hamill? They’ve certainly aged as well, but considering the body-shaming critics are acting like middle schoolers, realizing that people–even fictional characters–do in fact age may be beyond their scope of comprehension.  Or maturity level.

And even though Carrie has been dealing with the critics quite handily, send her a tweet of support.

(You can also support her work as an author…)

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  1. Stories of Our Boys says:

    Here here! I agree! May the force be with you.