Preview: Liporidex NRG

Written by Scott

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liporidex nrg
Disclaimer: yes, I received product to do the review, but the product itself has no bearing on the review. (Wouldn’t make it much a review, then, would it?)

I was initially contacted by Liporidex via twitter, and to be honest, I wasn’t initially interested in their products, much less doing a review.

So what did I do? Some good-natured harassment that they’d missed the timeline of my weight loss this year (many of their products are weight loss related). And it was because of their engaging, personal replies that I changed my mind and decided to do a review of one of their other products, NRG. So they sent me a month’s supply (approximately, depending on how you take it).

The review itself will come by mid-January after I’ve had the opportunity to use and evaluate further, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, check out their website, twitter feed, and this particular product on Amazon!

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