Review: Maelstrom LANDSHIP Military Tactical Duty Work Boot

Written by Scott

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Maelstrom LANDSHIP

Disclaimer: this review, unlike others, is completely unsolicited…

For over a year now, I’d switched my primary shoe for work to Converse All-Star hightops, and the last of that was the black monochrome leather variant. They were comfortable and I liked them.

Except for one thing: winters here in the Pacific Northwest tend to be wet. Quite wet, and often. And Converse, well…they don’t do so well in wet situations, aside from allowing near-free access of said wetness to your feet.

So when they begin falling apart recently, I started looking for replacements. Prior to the Converse, I’d had horrible experiences with other more casual type boots–they just didn’t last. But the great thing about Amazon are the reviews, and I narrowed in on the Maelstroms.

Some reviewers had stated they sometimes were sized smaller than expected. For me, that really wasn’t the case. I often wear thick socks with them (and intentionally did in breaking them in), and they were snug, but not overly so. Quite comfortable, and via Amazon, quite inexpensive for boots. And the toe area is leather, so is able to be polished.

Pros: comfortable, accurate sizing, price.

Cons: while they are the tactical style boot, for those still in the military (or too recently out, perhaps), they aren’t to spec (the zipper). But for those of us that this doesn’t apply to, they area great boot, so check them out!

Link: Maelstrom LANDSHIP Military Tactical Duty Work Boot