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With the kids, I’ve always tried to talk to them in terms of consequences, rather than punishment…more so in the younger two as I’ve learned along the way.

But the weird thing is seeing this play over and over in adult life…or even more so, in business.

We’re currently in the midst of watching the not-so-slow implosion of a local business (which I will not name). I don’t know all the details, nor do I care to know, but as a customer, what I know and what I’ve seen is this: about 9 months ago a new manager came on board from a similar nearby business that closed when the land they were leasing was bought out. The new manager brought an immense number of new customers to the business in both numbers and greatly increased revenue. But due to…I don’t know, obviously something…the manager chose to give notice. And with the manager leaving, so are customers. As are other employees, and in turn, even more customers.

But I’ve seen it in clients too. Heck, I experienced it myself in 2004-2005–a new owner came in, began to make wholesale changes, some of which, in his defense, were needed and good…but he did without taking the time to get to know the clients, the business area, or the employees better. At the point before my exit as sales manager, I accounted for between 4o-50% of the revenue of the business of 15 employees or so at that point (either by directly selling it, or as the one who quoted the items or labor), and yet wasn’t willing to recognize that or compensate accordingly. So after planning for months, I left…and opened to floodgates to other employees leaving, and with us, clients. Within about 18 months, a strong, stable business of 18 years closed its doors. 

The point is this: we do not control other people. Or nature. And while we are free to choose what we do, or what we say, or how we treat other people, we do not, as a child or as an adult, get to choose the consequences of our actions.

So whether a child, adult, employer, employee, or customer…consider that.

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