Target’s Bigger Restroom Issue…

Written by Scott

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Target’s had a difficult week, in case you were hiding out in a cave and hadn’t noticed.

On April 19th, they released a statement in reference to the political brouhaha in several states regarding transsexual use of bathrooms.

It appears Target had apparently, in a bid to make quick, politically-correct political points in the presidential election season, not set this policy before a focus group of their customers. The backlash was rapid and continues to grow. {And despite rumors making the rounds, they have not, in fact, reversed this decision.}

But in reality, Target has a much bigger issue than which folks use which restroom based only on how they ‘identify’ and not biology, because there’s yet another subset of people who will feel discriminated against: the trans-species.

Stop snickering…this is a real subset of people who believe that, while born into a human body with human DNA and all, they are not human.

For example, there’s Nano, who believes she’s a cat.

And there’s Eva, originally born as Marcos Hernandez, who after transitioning to being a woman, still didn’t feel quite right…and decided he/she was, in fact, a dragon.

And they aren’t alone.

So how will Target deal with the concerns of these beings, who will likely also feel uncomfortable and oppressed? A room with a litter box for Nano? And where and how do dragons even go to the bathroom (especially since, well, they aren’t real…)? And the others…?

Will they accommodate everybody?

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