First Days Using a Mac: Thoughts from a PC Guy…

Written by Scott

Topics: Reviews, Social Media

Macbook Pro

My work computer was getting along in years, and while it still ran ok, battery life was majorly deteriorated…and that is a major problem for me as I’m out and about. So with saving up my Amazon affiliate proceeds for a while, I’d accumulated enough to replace it.

Considered options over the course of a few months, but for several reasons, decided on a Macbook Pro. [The reasons? Sure: first, I can run any OS on it, natively or via virtual machine; secondly, with the increasing use of Macs in the workplace, I need to be better familiar with OS X.]

Anyway…here are my initial thoughts:

  1. I like it. Not as a cult product, but as a product in general. With the specs it has, and the built-in software, it’s not a bad value.
  2. Hardest thing to get used to? No, not the use of Command+ for shortcuts…many I already knew. No, the hardest part was getting use to no left vs right click. Oh, and the related issue of having to actually click rather than tap. Oh…and clicking and dragging. (I suppose that’s actually more than one thing.)
  3. Despite years of use, Chrome isn’t my browser of choice on the Macbook Pro. I actually like Safari.
  4. Windows 7 runs just fine as a VM.  I chose to do via Virtualbox rather than Parallels, VMware Fusion, or even Bootcamp….because I’ve used VB for a long time, it’s familiar, and it works.
  5. The Retina display? Very nice. But the clarity and crispness of the fonts? I remember enabling font smoothing in Linux years ago, with similar results. 🙂

And here’s the cover I got for it.